Swarovski: Quality crystal

Welcome to our collection of Swarovski crystal and pearl jewelry! You will find a wide range of individually hand-crafted jewelry pieces, with something for every occasion!

Swarovski pearl jewelry

Whilst Swarovski is well-known for beautiful crystals, they also create stunning crystal pearls. These pearls have a crystal core, which sets them apart from other manufactured pearls. Swarovski pearls have all the lustre and luminosity of natural pearls, but are much more affordable. They are also extremely durable, and come in a wide range of colours and sizes. To read more about Swarovski pearls, click here

Swarovski pearl designs from our shop

Swarovski Christmas Jewelry

We had to include a few words and pictures about our Christmas range of Swarovski earrings and matching pendants, even if it’s not Christmas! We love to use Swarovski crystals in our stunning Christmas tree and gift box jewelry, and we combine crystals and pearls in our gorgeous snowmen and Christmas bauble earrings and pendants. It’s never too early to plan for Christmas!

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