Swarovski powder rose pearl earrings and pendant set

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Swarovski powder rose pearl earrings and pendant set, with delicate silver filigree detail. Our jewelry sets offer great value for money, saving you €6.50 on the price of the separate items.

Set details

A Swarovski powder pink pearl and silver filigree pendant. This pendant has a single Swarovski powder pink pearl (6mm) twinned with an intricate silver filgree bead (8mm) on a 42cm sterling (925) silver belcher chain.

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Swarovski powder rose pearl earrings, with 6mm pearls and intricate silver filigree (8mm) beads. All findings are sterling (925) silver. We are happy to supply these earrings with scroll and pin findings. Simply let us know when ordering!

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Both the earrings and pendant come in their own handmade origami envelope.
We ship worldwide for only 2.50 euro

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


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