Handmade sterling silver chain bracelet with Baltic amber disc

Baltic amber is highly valued, both for its natural beauty and its health benefits. This amber disc bracelet features a sterling silver chain handmade by Habib in our workshop. This amazing craftsmanship involves making a thin silver spiral, then cutting each twist and assembling together to form a beautiful chain.  It’s absolutely mesmerising to watch!


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The handmade silver chain measures 19cm in total. Set into the chain is a handmade silver circle, enclosing a disc of polished Baltic amber. The circle measures 15mm in diameter. The model shown is a classic example of the amber found in the Baltic region, being similar to egg yolk in appearance.

Amber is a completely natural product, formed over thousands of years from the resin of trees. Baltic amber is especially valued for its relatively high concentration of succinic acid, which is known to relieve pain and inflammation.

This bracelet is shipped worldwide for only 2.50 euro, and comes in its own handmade origami gift envelope.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping, although usually you will receive your bracelet within 10 days.


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