Handmade Sterling Silver Bracelet with Baltic Amber

High quality craftsmanship compliments the natural beauty of pure Baltic amber in this stunning bracelet.

The chain of this beautiful sterling silver bracelet is made completely by hand, and is then threaded with six or more small pieces of Baltic amber, in shades ranging from white to cognac amber. As every piece of amber is unique, please be aware that the pictures are not an exact representation of every bracelet.


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Six amber pieces of different colours set in a silver chain bracelet. We source all our amber locally here in Riga. The chain bracelet is handworked by Habib himself in our workshop, and is made of sterling (925) silver.

Silver and amber make a wonderful combination, as the natural beauty of amber is enhanced in a silver setting. Baltic amber has been formed over thousands of years, and is also well-known to have health benefits. Read more about them here

Every amber bracelet is unique, as no two pieces of amber are exactly alike. You will receive a unique, hand-crafted piece of jewelry. We also design one-off pieces with Baltic amber, or make items to order, such as our men’s amber cufflinks

The bracelet details

Average size of each amber piece: 10mm x 8mm x 3mm

Standard total length of bracelet: 19cm. As the chain is handmade, if you require a different length, please specify when ordering.

Worldwide shipping for only 2.50 euro.
Each bracelet comes in its own gift pouch (included in the price)

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping


22cm, 25cm


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