Handmade silver ring with Baltic amber (two tones)


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A handmade sterling (925) silver ring with two tones of Baltic amber, set in a silver oval.

Our fully adjustable handmade silver rings have the same elegant design features, but each one is slightly different from the others. This model features two pieces of hand-polished Baltic amber. One piece is honey coloured, whilst the other is opaque egg yolk yellow. The two amber pieces fit together beautifully in a sterling silver oval.

This Baltic amber handmade silver ring has two bands of silver, giving a comfortable fit on your finger. It also allows for wearing together with plain band rings. The height of the band in total measures 70mm. The amber gemstone measures 15x10mm.

If you want to know why we are so captivated by Baltic amber, you can read more about this amazing natural product here: https://www.habibijewelry.com/baltic-amber-collection-2/

As this ring is fully adjustable, we can make it the perfect fit. For help with knowing your ring size, we recommend this useful chart: https://www.habibijewelry.com/faq/

If you have a ring that fits you well, but don’t know the size, simply measure either the diameter or circumference in millimetres. Then refer the link above, which will give you your ring size in both US and UK sizes.

This ring comes in it’s own gift box (included in the price) and is shipped worldwide for only¬†2.50 euro with Latvijas Pasts. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


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