Handmade Baltic amber silver chain bracelet

A stunning sterling silver chain bracelet handmade by Habib in our workshop. This model features five Baltic amber nuggets in contrasting colours of honey and treacle. Baltic amber is well-known for its beauty and health benefits, especially relieving pain and inflammation. How great that something so beautiful could also be improving your health!


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Handmade Baltic amber silver chain bracelet, made by Habib in our workshop. This bracelet has five amber nuggets in dark red and cognac tones, which also compliment each other beautifully. The chain itself is totally handworked in sterling (925) silver.

We love working with amber, as it is a completely natural product, formed over thousands of years from the resin of trees. Baltic amber is special because of its relatively high concentration of succinic acid. This means that Baltic amber can help to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as looking wonderful! If you would like to read more about the possible health benefits of wearing amber, check out this link: https://healthiack.com/health/5-possible-health-benefits-of-an-amber-necklace

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The bracelet measures 19cm, and each amber nugget is approximately 10mm in diameter. Because Habib makes the chain himself, we can alter the length to suit your individual requirements. Maybe you would prefer a necklace? Contact us to get an idea of the price!

This bracelet  comes in its own handmade origami gift envelope. We ship worldwide for only 2.50 euro with Latvijas Pasts.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping, although usually you will receive your bracelet within 10 days.


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