Baltic Amber

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In our Baltic amber collection we offer a range of hand-crafted jewelry, made from locally-sourced amber and sterling (925) silver. We design our pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings ourselves. Habib then makes each item  individually by hand in our Riga workshop.

Unique Contemporary Design

Our Baltic amber collection combines contemporary design with the ancient beauty of natural amber, offering outstanding craftsmanship that jewelry lovers everywhere will appreciate. We bring a fresh approach to designing amber jewelry, as we fuse our own Arabic style with traditional Baltic materials. The result is jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else.

Raw Amber

We mainly use raw amber, which Habib then lovingly hand-polishes in our workshop. No two pieces of amber are exactly alike, so each pendant, bangle or pair of earrings is therefore unique. When you acquire a piece of our amber jewelry, you may be sure that no-one else has one exactly like yours!

Sterling silver

All our amber jewelry is set in sterling silver, as we believe this naturally compliments the warm tones of our Baltic amber. Our bracelets and half-bangles are completed with a handmade silver chain.  Habib forms the chain completely by hand,  intertwining links of sterling silver. This intricate chain adds to the unique style of our amber jewelry range.

Low shipping costs

The natural beauty of Baltic amber really shines in our selection of rings, bangles, pendants and bracelets. If you are looking for a unique piece of handmade jewelry you need look no further! We keep our shipping costs to an absolute minimum, so that you don’t get an unpleasant surprise when you are ordering. We ship worldwide for as little as €2.50 per item, depending on value.

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