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Welcome to Habibi’s Pearl Jewelry Collection!

Trends in jewellery may come and go, but the timeless appeal of pearls means a piece of pearl jewellery will always be a valued addition to your collection, or an ideal gift for someone special. Here at Habibi we hand-make a wide range of pearl necklaces, pendants, bangles and earrings, and are constantly developing new designs.

One of our favourite sources for pearls is the Swarovski range of Crystal Pearls.  These pearls have a high quality crystal core that is then coated with a smooth finish which is available in a stunning array of colours. This finish is also much more resistant to scratches and discolouration than real pearls and gives us the uniformity of colour and size needed for our current collection of jewellery. This new production technology, developed by Swarovski, produces pearls of unparalleled lustre and luminosity.

In our pearl collection you will find the classic white pearl used on its own to create elegantly simple earrings, delicate sterling silver necklaces and pendants, and stylish handcrafted sterling silver bangles, as well as white pearls combined with silver filigree or encrusted beads.

We have a large selection of pearl earrings and bangles in shades of pink, from delicate rosaline to the more luminescent powder rose. We developed this range in collaboration with the Pink Train Foundation, a volunteer organisation here in Latvia that provides support for women recovering from breast cancer. Pink Train raises money through various activities to finance physiotherapy and counselling for women after surgery. For every piece sold in the Pink Train range, Habibi Jewelry makes a donation to this excellent cause. As you browse our collection, look out for which items are included in this scheme. For more information about the Pink Train Foundation, follow this link:

Whilst designing our Pink Train range we realised that pink and grey make a wonderful colour combination, and you will find several items in our collection that take full advantage of that fact, using varying shades of pink combined gracefully with tones of  silver and dark grey.

For those of you who like something a little less traditional, check out our earrings and bangles made with black or dark grey pearls, or our pastel pink and grey bangle with matching earrings.  We are more than happy to accept custom orders, so if you have a design or colour combination in mind, please get in touch with us, and we will do our best to turn your ideas into reality!

In our collection you will also find earrings made with delicate freshwater pearls, as well as several designs featuring mother of pearl.

We are confident that, whatever the occasion, you will find something you love!

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