We invite you to browse our handmade silver collection, where you will find a wide range of individually hand-crafted silver items. Choose something for yourself, or make someone you love happy with a piece of handmade jewelry. We hope that you will get as much pleasure from owning or giving a piece of our handmade silver jewelry as we do in creating it!

Our materials

Our master craftsman, Habib Farah, began working with silver relatively recently, after he and his family moved from Aleppo, Syria, to Riga, Latvia. Habib learnt his craft as a goldsmith in Aleppo, joining his brothers and uncles in the family business at a young age. The family worked exclusively with gold, which is the preferred precious metal in the Middle East. As the war in Syria made it impossible to stay in Aleppo, the family relocated to the Baltic States, and set up business in Riga, the beautiful capital city of Latvia.

Just a taste of our handmade silver jewelry…..

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This move obviously meant huge changes for the family, and also for the business. Silver is much more popular here than in Syria, and Habib quickly adapted to using this precious metal, and combines it with local materials, most noticeably with Baltic amber (see our Baltic Amber Collection for more details).

Our designs

twisted silver handmade earrings

Habib and Carla are constantly developing new designs for this collection. Many of the items currently being developed use silver wire, which has been hand-pulled to the desired thickness, and then twisted or manipulated into the various shapes. Check out our necklaces featuring hand-twisted geometric silver shapes, or our circular silver earrings.

Handmade silver Christian fish pendant

Most recent additions to this collection are stunningly simple hand-crafted earrings and pendant in a fish design. The fish was the symbol used by the early Christians as a way of identifying one another (because the Greek word for fish – icthus – is an acronym for “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Saviour). Our handmade cross bracelet and necklace designs are also very contemporary and suitable as a gift for any age.

Handmade silver chain bracelet with silver ball

Our own handmade silver chain bracelets show true craftsmanship and are a joy to behold; each finished bracelet is intricately fashioned from individual links which are hand-joined. The end result is definitely worth the effort!

Namejs style silver bangle

At the top end of our range we present a selection of solid sterling silver bangles, inspired by traditional Latvian designs. Read more about the legend of Namejs and the bangles that honour his story!

Sterling silver

At Habibi we use only sterling silver, which in Latvia is marked as 925. This indicates that the silver is actually 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% is an alloy, usually of copper, steel or iron. This is necessary because pure silver (99.9% silver) is too soft for everyday use. Pure silver will not stand up to the wear and tear an everyday ring, necklace or bracelet will undergo. Sterling silver allows the artisan to work the material which produces jewelry strong enough for everyday use. This alloy has been found in archaeological sites and dated back to the early 12th Century in the area that is now Northern Europe, so it’s not some new invention!

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