We Love Creating Jewelry

As a small, family business we make each of our pieces ourselves, and are especially happy to be able to fulfil our clients’ dreams. Making jewelry is not just our profession, it is our passion!

Habibi Jewelry is proud to introduce you to our custom made service. Every one of you is special to us, and we take great pleasure in creating jewelry to your specific requirements. As a small family-run business we make all our pieces by hand in our workshop, giving every creation our individual attention. When you order a custom made item from Habibi Jewelry you will benefit from personal service and an excellent standard of craftsmanship. We take great professional pride in making jewelry to the highest specifications possible, and your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Small Alterations

Your request might be as simple as changing the colour combination in a pair of earrings, or altering the length of a bracelet or necklace – we are always happy to respond to your individual requirements, no matter how small. If it is important to you, it is important to us!

Looking for Gold?

You may want to have an item from our range of designs made for you in yellow gold, rather than sterling silver. Our master craftsman, Habib, learnt his skills as an apprentice goldsmith to his father and grandfather, he has generations of skill and knowledge and loves to work with yellow gold. Simply get in touch with us at habibijewelry@gmail.com to find out more.

Have an idea in mind?

We love designing and making jewelry, and it is a special joy to be able to create pieces which fulfil the wishes of our clients. Bringing your ideas to life is an incredibly rewarding process!

Have you have seen a design somewhere, and wonder if you could have something similar made for yourself or someone else? Send us a picture with a brief description of what you would like to habibijewelry@gmail.com and together we can begin to make your idea a reality.

You may also possess some pieces which have sentimental value, but need some care and attention, or possibly a new setting to make them sparkle again. Maybe we can help!

Please view some examples of our work in picture gallery below – you may also find inspiration there!

Special Occasion Jewelry

As jewellers it is a privilege to play some part in the most important milestones of life. We undertake orders for engagement and wedding rings (please be advised that we do not work with white gold), as well as baptismal gifts and special anniversaries.

Examples of our custom made jewelry

Opal Yellow Gold Ring

Our client wanted this beautiful stone in a new setting, so Habib hand-crafted a perfect frame and made the double gold band to our client’s specifications.

We love the end result!

Sterling Silver Men's Cufflinks

The fish was the symbol used by 1st century Christians to identify one another.

We hope our client’s pastor will appreciate them!

Guide Price: 35 euro


Handmade Sterling Silver Neck Chain

Made by Habib in our workshop to any length specified by the client.

Baltic Amber Men's Cufflinks

Our custom made Baltic amber cufflinks, set in sterling silver.

These individually hand-crafted cufflinks mirror our women’s circular earrings – just in case you want to accessorize as a couple!

Guide price: 50 euro

Baltic Amber Necklace

Made with cognac amber, at the request of our client.

Amber comes in wide variety of colours, to suit every taste!

Amethyst Yellow Gold Ring

Amethyst gemstone, hand-set in our custom made gold band ring.

This design enables the wearer to add more plain gold bands on either side of the beautiful stone.

Citrine Yellow Gold Ring

Beautiful citrine gemstone, set into our handmade gold band and setting.

Plain gold bands (also custom made by ourselves) can be worn together with this classically elegant design.

Hammered Yellow Gold Ring Necklace

This delicate gold ring is hammered on one side only, leaving the other side smooth.

Made for our client as a Golden Wedding Anniversary gift.

Personalised Name Necklace

Handmade to your specifications!

Send us the name you require, and we will create a personalised sterling silver necklace.

Guide price: 40-50 euro (depending on number of letters)

How to order?

In person

By visiting our workshop in Riga (see Contact Us section for our address and working hours).

By Email

  1. Contact us by email at habibijewelry@gmail.com
  2. If you can include a photo, picture or drawing that would be most helpful.
  3. Let us know if you want the piece made in yellow gold or sterling silver.
  4. When ordering other custom made items, please specify the basic dimensions (length of necklace or bracelet, for example).
  5. If you have a piece of jewelry that you would like to have reset, redesigned or simply cleaned, do not send the item to us until we ask you to do so.
  6. If you are ordering a ring or rings, please use our ring size chart to help you.



If you don’t know your ring size, we suggest visiting a jeweller near you to have your finger measured for size.

How we will proceed

  1. We will contact you (usually within 24 hours) to discuss any points which need clarification.
  2. Before we begin to create your custom order, we will give you a price estimate of the finished piece. We will not begin work until you confirm that you are happy with the price.
  3. As your creation takes shape, we will send you regular photo updates so that you can see the progress of your piece. If at any time you are not happy, just let us know, and together we will work to fix the issue.
  4. On completion of your order to your satisfaction, we will ask you to pay through PayPal, and on receiving payment we will ship your order.