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Welcome to Habibi Jewelry's Baltic Amber Collection!

Habibi’s stunning amber collection offers a range of hand-crafted jewellery, made from locally-sourced Baltic amber and sterling silver. We design our range of pendants ourselves, and each item is individually hand-made. Our Baltic amber collection combines contemporary design with the ancient beauty of natural amber, offering outstanding craftsmanship that jewellery lovers everywhere will appreciate.

We mainly use raw amber, which is then lovingly hand-polished in our workshop. Each pendant, bangle or pair of earrings is therefore unique. When you acquire a piece of our amber jewellery, you may be sure that no-one else has one exactly like yours!

All our amber jewellery is set in sterling silver, as we believe this naturally compliments the warm tones of our Baltic amber. Our bracelets and half-bangles are completed with our own hand-made silver chain. Made from intertwining links of sterling silver, this intricate chain adds to the unique style of our amber jewellery range.

Amber is a completely natural gemstone, and is found in various locations around the world. The Baltic region is especially well-known as a source of amber, and the gems found in this area have been formed from the fossilised resin of pine trees. When a tree was damaged or died, the resin would leak out. Over thousands of years this resin hardened into amber, sometimes also preserving within it an insect, splinter of wood, or bubbles of air.

Amber varies in colour, from milky white to almost black. The most common colours of Baltic amber are shades of butterscotch, honey and cognac.  The amber that is found in the Baltic region contains a relatively high amount (up to 8%) of succinate acid, which acts as a natural painkiller. This property was well known to the Greeks at the time of Hippocrates, and still today amber necklaces and bracelets are worn to ease joint pain and generally to improve well-being.

The Baltic region has been known for its amber since the Stone Age, and was traded widely throughout the ancient world. Amber from the Baltic region has been found in Egyptian tombs which date back to 3200BC, giving us an insight into how far this much-prized gem travelled across ancient trade routes. It is especially interesting for us at Habibi Jewelry to note that the English word “amber” actually derives from the Arabic word “anbar”.

Created at the beginning of the 18th century in Prussia, the world famous Amber Room was given to the Russian emperor Peter the Great, and was housed in the Imperial Palace at Tsarskoye Selo near St. Petersburg. This room was constructed of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors, with a total of 6 000 tonnes of amber being used to complete what has been called the “eighth wonder of the world”. The room was looted by the Nazis in World War 2, and its whereabouts still remain a mystery. A replica of the original amber room was inaugurated in 2003.

When you purchase a piece of Habibi’s Baltic Amber Collection, you are continuing a tradition of owning amber that stretches back across the centuries.

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