The story behind the Latvian flag July 21, 2018 – Posted in: Latvian life

In 1279 a battle took place, when the ancient tribes from Cēsis, in the north of region of Latvia, went to war under a red and white striped flag.


Legend tells us that the flag was created from the cloth wrapped around a Latvian Chief who had been mortally wounded in a previous conflict.  Where his body was laid the cloth remained white, where the blood spilled on to the cloth it became red.  To this day the Latvians use the white and carmine red as their national colours.


This recognition of the first use of this flag is in the 14th Century manuscript the  Rhymed Chronicle of Livonia (Livländische Reimchronik) (  Written in German, it puts the Latvian flag as the second oldest in the world after Denmark whose flag was used from 1219.


The use of the Latvian flag was suspended during the years of Soviet occupation.  It was re-instated in February 1990, under the glasnost and perestroika initiatives shortly before the full independence of the country was regained in November 1991.


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