What are Swarovski crystals? May 6, 2017 – Posted in: Production and materials – Tags: ,

swarovski-logoMost people will know Swarovski as a global brand of luxury jewellery featuring sparkling crystals.  But did you know it was started by a young man in 1891 called Daniel Swarovski?  Combining the new technologies of the time he invented an electrically driven cutting machine allowing him more precision than previously possible to cut the crystals.  By 1895 he had founded the company we know today high in the Austrian mountains

As the 1920s dawned and the world saw the coming of the ‘Jazz Age’, Parisian couture houses embraced the crystals, designing dresses and accessories that dripped with the sparkling jewels.

Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”

By the 1950s a collaboration with Dior led to new finishes on the crystals and they glittered their way onto the big screen famously helped by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Today, artisans such as ourselves are able to buy Swarovski crystals and combine them in our own designs.  Each year we eagerly await their new colours and styles, looking forward to the inspiration that comes with every new design.

We know that, by using Swarovski crystals in our jewelry, we are guaranteeing that our customers will receive a high-quality product which will give them years of pleasure.

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