Market Trading February 9, 2017 – Posted in: Markets – Tags: ,

One of our favourite places to sell our jewelry in Riga is the Kalnciema iela Farmers’ and Craft Market.

Alongside the local farmers are numerous stalls selling handmade goods and local products of all kinds – clothing, wooden utensils, knitted goods, linen and of course, jewelry, which is where we come in. We love the friendly atmosphere amongst both traders and shoppers, and it’s always a joy to meet our customers in person. Other friends simply pop by to say “hello”, and ask how business is going.

If you are free this Saturday, why not come along and introduce yourselves? We would love to see you there, and can offer you a wide range of handmade jewelry, including some new designs with Valentine’s Day in mind.

Whether or not you go home with any of our products, we are sure that you will enjoy the experience!

Until our next post…