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When you make a significant change in life, that can be for all kinds of reasons. In our case, we had to leave our home and business because of the fighting in Aleppo. Change is not always due to such sad circumstances, however, and we do not want to only think about the negative side. Change also offers a new beginning, and we are so thankful to everyone who has helped us so far in our journey to starting a new life.

One of the most beautiful lessons we constantly learn is that you never know where help will come from – often it comes from the most unexpected places and people. As we began to set up our jewellery business here in Riga, we searched high and low for a place that would be suitable as a workshop. Amazingly, we eventually found one literally on our doorstep. And not only that, but the owner (a jeweller himself) has become a friend, advisor and invaluable helper to us as we have begun our business here. We could never have imagined anything like this!

Now we are at a new point in our journey. It is time for this wonderful man to retire, and so the workshop must be sold. Other friends have begun crowd-funding to raise the necessary amount so that we can purchase the workshop.

Our story shows that you can never predict how things will turn out in life. But it also shows the wonderful difference that just one person can make. If you would like to be part of our story, you can help by sharing the link below, or donating to our campaign:

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Update: July 2017

Thank you for the outpouring of love and support for Carla and Habib! They are now the owners of a small workshop in Riga, Latvia, where they can continue to create beautiful hand-made jewelry. We are so very grateful for your generous financial contributions! We will continue to leave this GoFundMe site open, if anyone wishes to contribute to the business overhead costs of Habibi Jewelry.